About Us

About Us

Based in San Diego, Neuliven Health is a leading innovator in the development of scientifically researched solutions to address the world’s pressing health concerns, particularly those related to "Insulin Sensitivity", including blood sugar, body weight, and memory. Relying on bioactive molecules and nutritional ingredients from around the globe, we have been committed to improving people’s health since 2003.

Mission Statement

Help our consumers improve their health by providing well-researched products, knowledge and services.

Our Belief

We believe that a balanced life style of proper nutrition, exercise, stress control, and sleep is key to promoting good health. We develop products first to help our consumers, while the financial profits should only come second.

Our Approach

Any physiological function, such as blood sugar levels, is controlled or influenced by multiple biochemical pathways. Our approach is to identify the key pathways involved in a specific physiological function (for example, the 3 Essentials for Normal Blood Sugar), to develop and/or search bioactive molecules and ingredients that target individual pathways, then combine them into one formula that provides integrated and synergetic support for good health.