Our flagship product Glucocil® The Total Blood Sugar Optimizer.
Glucocil is the leading nutritional solution for promoting normal blood sugar levels. It combines 14 nutritional ingredients carefully selected on the basis of 149 clinical and laboratory research studies—into one easy-to-take softgel formula. Available since 2008, it’s the #1 nutritional blood sugar product in 5-star reviews, available at more than 7,000 stores nationwide.

BP Dove

BP Dove is formulated specifically to help promote normal blood pressure. A relaxed heart, flexible arteries, and balanced blood volume all contribute to healthy blood pressure levels. Clinical research suggests that the nourishing ingredients in BP Dove help promote normal blood pressure, and also help ease stress and support restful sleep, both necessary for healthy blood pressure. They also provide antioxidant support for general wellness.


BergaOne is the once daily, nutritional cholesterol support supplement made of bergamot from sun-drenched Southern Italy. People in the Calabria region of southern Italy have long drank bergamot juice for its cholesterol and heart benefits. Modern science has studied bergamot juice to find out how it helps promote these great health benefits and has discovered that the bergamot's unique group of plant molecules—called flavonoids—are responsible for its fantastic health effects.

Glucocil Available In Stores and Online